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American Fidelity and Today’s Magic 104.1 want to recognize the many outstanding teachers throughout the metro that go above and beyond
to educate Oklahoma’s fine students.

We will be rewarding one teacher each month with a prize of $250!

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Our latest Teacher of the Month Winner!

Mr. Richard Boone of Choctaw Middle School
“Mr. Boone has changed my son’s life. My son has multiple special needs including Autism and school does not come easy for him. His special education teacher recommended he take home economics from Mr. Boone and gushed about how special the teacher and the entire program is. Since my son likes to cook, we signed him up immediately. My son has learned so many additional skills from Mr. Boone. He is mentoring him in leadership, teaching budgeting, and counting back change, to name a few. My son believes he can do anything because Mr. Boone believes in him. Mr. Boone is in charge of the local FCCLA chapter (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) and my son became vice president of Choctaw Middle School’s chapter. From the beginning of the year, he told my son he would take him to FCCLA competition this year and my son would take the state award in job interviewing skills. Today, my son received his state award for his interview. He has invested so much into so many children. Mr. Boone is the one who turns the coffee pot at school in the morning, putting in long hours. At the end of the day, he’s coach, pouring into both the cross country and tennis teams. My son had zero experience in either sport, but signed up for both. Coach Boone cheered on my son just as much as the kids on the team who crossed the finish line earlier in the race. I am so grateful to Mr. Boone and the impact he continues to have on my son and so many others at Choctaw and Nicoma Park Middle Schools. ” – Nicole Ricks

Mrs. Sharon Teague of Western Heights Middle School
“Mrs. Teague is devoted, determined, and a mentor. She has dedicated her life to kids, her school, and her colleagues. There are not enough words to articulate how monumental she has been to those that cross her path. She brings “class” to the classroom. She has high expectations for her students and helps them strive to be better learners. She has worked tirelessly at sporting events and wants WH to be the best. Devoted, passionate about serving our students, excellent at building student relationships.
AMAZING content knowledge! Knows how to make English relevant and real for her students.” – Michael Hawkins

Melissa Lightfoot, Del City Middle School
“Ms. Lightfoot is an amazing math teacher.  My son has struggled in math the last couple of years, especially after being virtual last year.  She keeps the students engaged and comes up with creative ways to teach certain lessons.  She is always full of joy and positivity.  My son has gone from having a B or sometimes C average in Math to having high A’s this year.  She encourages her students to do their best. She teaches them  how them figure out their mistakes on their own. If a student gets a low grade, she never discourages them.  She builds them up and helps them learn to believe in themselves.  She leaves an impact on her students.  Even previous students continue to praise her.  She keeps parents informed and loves to brag on how well they are doing.  She is the type of teacher every parent wants their child to have.  I cannot speak highly enough of her.” – Melissa Glisson

Alicia Winters, Nicoma Park Middle School
“Mrs. Winters goes above and beyond when it comes to her students. Each year, Mrs. Winters organizes a program called Winter Wishes. Every student in the school makes a wish for another student. The wishes she chooses to grant always come from the bottom of the wisher’s heart. When kids get their wishes granted, it’s common for them to be more excited than those receiving the wish. Mrs. Winters encourages being kind and giving to others like no teacher I’ve ever met. She genuinely cares about each and every child that walks into her classroom and works to build a good relationship with them. Not only does she ensure that each child grasps the topic she is teaching, but she also leaves them with some important life lesson. She takes the time out of her day to get to know every student. She is kind, loving, and brilliant. As one of her students, I can say that Alicia Winters has made me a better human being than I was before I met her. She is the kind of teacher that knows exactly how to inspire every person she meets. She connects with every single student in a way that a lot of teachers would never put in the time to. Because of Mrs. Winters, I am a confident student, academically and socially. I feel like I have not only taken important English lessons from her class, but life lessons as well. Because of her, I am certain that for the rest of my time in school, I will be well prepared. I also feel she has helped prepare us for the real world, as well as shaping us into respectable and responsible individuals. I cannot thank her enough, nor can I stress enough just how great of a teacher Alicia Winters is.” –  Caitlyn Ewald

Travis Rhodes, Harding Fine Arts Academy
“Mr. Rhodes takes a personal interest in trying to make history interesting and relevant to his high school students. His approach to teaching includes making his students feel heard and understood, as well as supplying them with the tools they need to be successful both academically and in life. He allows his students to be individuals and strive to be the best they can be. His dad jokes and style of relating to students make him not only a great teacher but an awesome role model to the students who are blessed to be a part of his classes. He communicates well with the students and with the parents, making it easier for families to thrive and help their students. He deserves this honor and award! Please bless his life with this opportunity!” –  Cara Gonzales

Stacy Rodgers, Meeker Public Schools, Middle and High School
“Ms. Rodgers teaches middle school and high school classes.  She is also the junior class sponsor, prom sponsor, and the middle school device coordinator. She is always helping students excel in her technology class as well as tutoring them in other subjects when the students finish their lessons early. This year she was asked to not only teach four middle school classes but also teach two high school business and accounting classes. She creates several sets of lesson plans and works with the students individually to make sure they understand the content. She is always willing to help out and cover other classes during her planning period and I know I can count on her at a moments notice. She leads by example and has been a teacher for the district for over 15 years. She genuinely cares about all the kids and they know it because they love going to her classes. I am thankful to have her as a coworker and a teacher for my own children.  As the device coordinator she is constantly solving student chrome-book related issues, as well as fixing teacher computer problems. She doesn’t mind helping anyone who asks and does so without being recognized for her hard work. I would love for her to be recognized by you for her outstanding dedication to the students and the student learning in our district. ” –  Angie Walford

Chelsea Sims of Del City High School.
“Ms. Sims is a teacher for Special Needs children. She works with them to keep them included in activities that other kids take for granted such as homecoming, prom, etc. My son is 18 years old and this year with Ms. Sims, he got to participate in homecoming.  Ms. Sims talks to my son, not at him. Most people talk about like he isn’t there, she doesn’t. She’s set a high standard. My kids have had some great teachers, but this blew me away.” – Linsey Prollock

Jordan Wood of Taloga Schools.
“Mrs. Wood teaches 5th & 6th  grade this year.  Because of teacher shortage, she has combined the classes and is teaching both.  This is not the first time she has sacrificed to ensure our students receive an education and are positively impacted every day.  Last year, our secondary science teacher abruptly had to resign in mid-Sept, Mrs. Wood stepped out of her upper level elementary  classroom to become our secondary science teacher and did an incredible job (with test scores to prove it).  Mrs. Wood is an amazing inspiration for our students AND for the rest of the staff.  She is always positive, has high expectations for her students, and puts their learning and the importance of life skills above everything.  She is someone any parent would want to serve as an example to their child.  Mrs. Wood is just starting her teaching career, so she has many years ahead of her to bless students while she educates them.  Mrs. Wood makes the hallways to our school ring with energy, enthusiasm, and love for the field of education!” – Helen Sander

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