Teacher Of The Month

American Fidelity and Today’s Magic 104.1 want to recognize the many outstanding teachers throughout the metro that go above and beyond
to educate Oklahoma’s fine students.

We will be rewarding one teacher each month with a prize of $250!

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Our latest Teacher of the Month Winner!

Jordan Wood of Taloga Schools.
“Mrs. Wood teaches 5th & 6th  grade this year.  Because of teacher shortage, she has combined the classes and is teaching both.  This is not the first time she has sacrificed to ensure our students receive an education and are positively impacted every day.  Last year, our secondary science teacher abruptly had to resign in mid-Sept, Mrs. Wood stepped out of her upper level elementary  classroom to become our secondary science teacher and did an incredible job (with test scores to prove it).  Mrs. Wood is an amazing inspiration for our students AND for the rest of the staff.  She is always positive, has high expectations for her students, and puts their learning and the importance of life skills above everything.  She is someone any parent would want to serve as an example to their child.  Mrs. Wood is just starting her teaching career, so she has many years ahead of her to bless students while she educates them.  Mrs. Wood makes the hallways to our school ring with energy, enthusiasm, and love for the field of education!” – Helen Sander

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