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American Fidelity and Today’s Magic 104.1 want to recognize the many outstanding teachers throughout the metro that go above and beyond
to educate Oklahoma’s fine students.

The winning teacher will receive $250 from American Fidelity!

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Our latest Teacher of the Month Winner!

Mrs. Melissa Seiger of Yukon High School.

“Hello, I wanted to reach out and ask if you could recognize one of my favorite teachers Melissa Seiger or more commonly known as Mrs seiger. She is an amazing person as she is always looking out for her students and always finding new fun and exciting things to do. She teaches multiple classes including basic life skills like culinary, nutrition and wellness, and even Family and Career Sciences basics. Not only does she do this but she also is an FCCLA (family, career, community, leaders of America) advisor and does stuff like take students to volunteer at places, take us to leadership conferences, and even takes us to go do fun stuff like go for the weekend at the Skirvin and then go to frontier city. She goes above and beyond and isn’t recognized as much as she should be. If it wasn’t for her I would not be where I am today. She is an amazing person and an even greater teacher and advisor.” – Emily Stokes

Ms. Elizabeth Justice of Oklahoma City Public Schools E3 Program .

“My twins, Deja and Nyasiah have been having a really hard time this year, they struggle with depression and anxiety and ADHD/ADD. They are part of the e3 program for Oklahoma City public schools, and this year all the teachers they have are amazing, but especially Ms. Justice! Nyasiah was hospitalized for 10 days and Ms. Justice reached out to check on not only her, but Deja and I as well. She also has been very helpful with resources and helping me with everything going forward with Nyasiah’s education since she came home from the hospital. She genuinely cares about her students and their families, it’s so rare to find a teacher that wants their students to not only do well in the classroom but to do well in life, and Ms Justice definitely cares about more than just the classroom, however my daughter’s grades have gone from below average at the beginning of the year to average now because she feels encouraged and motivated by her teachers, and Ms Justice definitely plays a huge part in Deja and Nyasiah having confidence in their school work this year!” – Heather Botz

Mr. Keith Huitt of Wynnewood High School.

“Hello! I want to nominate a teacher who has went above and beyond in the 37 years of his career at Wynnewood Public Schools. 

Mr. Huitt spent 34 of those years as the director of the PROUD SOUND OF WYNNEWOOD and the other 3 in the classroom teaching history and civics. Keith Huitt is more than a teacher and band director. He is selfless, kind, loving, and giving.  I had the pleasure of being in his civics class when I was in Middle School.  I joined band my 6th grade year, where Mr. Huitt was my director. I began playing flute, and changed over to the trumpet my 7th grade year after spending many summer afternoons in the band room learning trumpet under his tutelage. During that summer, Mr. Huitt displayed great patience as I fumbled through my valve positions and most likely caused him massive headaches as I practiced song after song.

I give you that short story because it brings to light just a small piece of who Keith Huitt is, and how he patiently works with his students. Whether it’s in the classroom as a group, or on an individual basis, he gives his kids 100% because he feels each student is worth it.  Keith loves his students as if they were his own children, and pushes each one towards their full potential. If you were to ask any current or former student of his, they’d all smile and tell you with a tear in their eye, that Mr. Huitt didn’t just teach us, but he loved us and encouraged us; and changed our lives for the better. In fact, I’m fighting back tears as I type this to you.  

We’ve all heard the statement “It takes a village to raise a child.” Keith Huitt knows this to be true. He has worked tirelessly to help each student he’s taught to become more than they thought possible. He has fed his students, drove them home from football games and competitions because they had no rides, he’s counseled them on life, prayed for them, prayed with them, and cried with them. He’s rejoiced in our victories and been the biggest cheerleader and mentor to numerous students. He IS the heart and soul of Wynnewood, Oklahoma and Wynnewood Public Schools.  In my humble option, he doesn’t just deserve to be Teacher of the month, but Oklahoma’s Teacher of a lifetime. However, I’d be happy to have him known as KMGL’s Teacher of the Month. 

I hope that you’ll consider Keith Huitt for this, as he’s always remained LOYAL AND TRUE to Wynnewood and his students. “ – Jennifer Pritchard

Mrs. Sarah Schlueter of Guthrie Upper Elementary School.

“Sarah is a special education teacher,  working with students diagnosed with Emotional Disturbance. That means the students in her class have things like Autism,  Oppositional Defiance Disorder,  Intermittent Explosive Disorder; the behavior issues that keep kiddos out of regular class because they have outbursts where they scream, cuss, hit and/or throw things.  Needless to say,  it is a very difficult population of kiddos to work with.  Sarah does this with grace, patience, humor and kindness.  She doesn’t treat the children like they are *bad* kids,  just kids that need a little (a lottle!) extra help.  She maintains her smile and calm demeanor.  While all of that is awesome and worthy of teacher of the month… Sarah has been doing this all with breast cancer! The last few years,  Sarah has been teaching day after day, while undergoing treatment for cancer.  The surgeries,  chemo,  medications, scans,  tests,  doctor visits… at one point,  she had lesions on her brain.  It was a scary and traumatic time for Sarah with her health and her very LIFE in such a bad state.  But even that didn’t stop Sarah from teaching with a smile on her face.  The kiddos didn’t know she was in a fight for her life.  Last week,  Sarah was given the all clear! She is now cancer free! Or “no evidence of disease” as the doctors call it.  As a recent cancer survivor myself and a former special education teacher,  I understand all too well how hard this woman has had to fight.  I’m honored and humbled to be able to witness her journey.  This is why I believe she deserves teacher of the month EVERY month.  Thank you for what you do!” – Jamie Mungai

Miss Bailey Smith of Riverside Public School – El Reno.

“I believe Miss Bailey Smith is special because she prioritizes life lessons over academic lessons. She works hard to find solutions for a challenging group of children who have received very little guidance in their school history. She will stay at school till 6pm every night until she finds solutions that won’t just work for her, but truthfully will benefit the students involved. It’s only been a month into the school year and progress is already being made.  Now I think that’s pretty special.” – Chelsea Brown

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