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Each week, Today’s Magic 104.1 wants to recognize the many outstanding teachers throughout the metro. Weekly winners will receive prizes from Huntington Jewelry, Half Priced Books, Digiprint and Troops to Teachers.
The Teacher of the Year will receive $1,000 from American Fidelity Assurance!

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Our latest Teacher Feature Winner

Ms. Carly Cox from Frontier Elementary in Edmond, always goes above and beyond with all her students. She has really helped my daughter excel in reading and mathematics. She has been so helpful with preparing my daughter for the 3rd grade reading test. She even takes time out of her busy schedule to attend her students extracurricular activities like coming to my daughter’s horse lesson and going to dinner with us. She always makes sure parents know what’s going on with texts, emails and calls and makes us feel a part of our children’s education. My daughter absolutely loves and looks up to Ms. Cox! She is an amazing role model! We wish we could take with us to 4th grade next year!


We are nominating Mrs. Terri Becker for the Magic 104 Teacher Feature. Mrs. Becker teaches Pre-AP Chemistry at Yukon High School. One of the reasons we feel she is a great teacher is she has high expectations of her students and challenges us to reach our full potential. The subject matter may be difficult, but she makes us think for ourselves and is there to guide us along the way. Mistakes are part of learning process and she encourages us to keep trying. It isn’t just her subject matter that makes her stand out as a great teacher. What matters to us is that she truly cares about her students and what we do outside of the classroom. For example, I have Pre-AP Chemistry 2nd hour, right after marching band. One very cold morning we came in to class from rehearsal and she had hot chocolate made for us! She shows she values us and cares for us with her actions and her words of support. She is always there for us if we have a question about anything, and always takes the time to help out her students. Mrs. Becker didn’t start out as a teacher, she had a different career first. Although she is new to this profession, she will be great because she shares her enthusiasm for science with students and inspires us to pursue science beyond high school. This is why we feel Mrs. Becker deserves to be recognized for her outstanding start as a teacher!


Mrs. Sherri Blankenship is so awesome! She taught my son last year when he was in 3rd grade and quickly became his very favorite teacher. When the school was going through a shortage of 4th grade teachers at the beginning of this school year, she volunteered to switch to 4th grade to help them out and my son was lucky enough to get her again and he was so happy! Ms. Blankenship has taught at Ralph Downs Elementary for over 20 years, and is extremely encouraging to her students. She spends her own money to give them pizza parties if they all do well on math tests, candy treats, and other special rewards for them. She works with parents individually to make education the best experience for their child. She works hard for every student and is not one to tell parents their child needs medication, or some sort of “diagnosis” in which I have heard other teachers tell parents. She encourages the kids to root for each other rather than to tease or make fun of each other. She is simply an amazing teacher who truly deserves this special recognition!


Mr. Kevin Korstjens of Mustang High School. Mr. Korstjens is always there for his students with any subject. He coaches on top of teaching and being a dad of four. Mr. Korstjens always has a good attitude no matter the circumstances.


Mrs. Cherri Carolthers is an awesome teacher and coworker at Timber Creek Elementary. She has been teaching for 20+ years and has a smile on her face every single day! Every time I see her she is passing out hugs and/or compliments! She always has a positive attitude , is friendly to everyone, and is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet! You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t adore her! Her love of teaching should definitely be rewarded! The world needs a lot more teachers like Mrs. Carothers!!!


Amy McDaniel teaches children with an IEP. She makes an effort and shows love with every student she comes in contact with and makes them feel special and accepted. She deserves this❤ please acknowledge this beautiful soul!


This teacher is extra special not only because she is my mom but she is a hard worker. From the time she adopted me at 1 to now 17 years later she has worked hard as a special education teacher at Harrah Middle School. She has been the director of special education, has sat in and as an administrator, teacher, classroom aides and other duties as she has been assigned for the last 20+ years that she has committed her life and time to her job, community and the Harrah school district. She currently teaches special needs and is the assistant cheer coach for Harrah Varsity Cheer. There is not a challenge that she will not take on or take personally to make sure she completes them at 110%. I have learned hard work and how to be kind to others because of my mother.


I nominate Ms. Judy Newport from Parkview Elementary, because she is very nice and creative with her kids. She cares about each and every one of them, and spends almost all of her day after and before school to help children if needed, make creative lesson plans, and prepare for the day or next day! Most of her paycheck goes to helping her kids with fun and exciting lessons and prizes for them to make learning fun! She even goes on break to her classroom! Ms. Newport is an amazing 2nd grade teacher and is dedicated to any task put to her!

Stephanie Eccles spends quality time with the children, puts most of her paycheck into the classroom to make sure they have what they need to learn and have fun. She is a teacher who really cares for the future generation.
William Doolittle 
Mr. Andrew Platen is a teacher at Cheyenne Middle School in Edmond, Mr. Platen is the 8th grade English teacher and the boys’ and girls’ Assistant Cross Country and Track Coach. When you first meet Mr. Platen, you are immediately struck by his enthusiastic and caring demeanor! He is full of joy about English and running and his energy is contagious! He helps students love reading and even identifies additional books for them to read by personally recommending his favorites and even lending some of his own out to the students! Mr. Platen takes his coaching role seriously and goes above and beyond to individually train each student to do his/her personal best. He does this by designing a training schedule that is challenging but manageable and he even runs with the athletes. At every meet, parents are voicing their praise, adoration, and gratitude for Mr. Platen. We are so lucky that he is a teacher at Cheyenne Middle School. I am certain that his impact on and mentoring of his students, including my son, will continue well beyond their time in his physical classroom.
Mrs. Shelly Crawford is my 2nd grade teacher at Buchanan Elementary School. This is her second year at our school. She was a good leader and role model last year but, this year, she has kicked it up another gear. Mrs. Crawford is our school’s lead teacher which means she works with the new teachers in our building and with teachers who need mentoring. While maintaining excellence in her classroom of 28 second graders, she makes herself available to meet with teachers before and after school. When I’m in the building on the weekends, Mrs. Crawford is here planning and preparing for the week’s instruction with her students. Not only is Mrs. Crawford loved and appreciated by her cohorts, her students and parents adore her. A couple of days ago, I was approached by a parent of a littler boy from Mrs. Crawford’s class. This parent asked me what token of gratitude could he extend to Mrs. Crawford as he was so pleased with his son’s academic progress. I told this parent I would let Mrs. Crawford know. As educators, we just want to be appreciated. So, for her leadership and for being an excellent educator, it bring me great pleasure to nominate Mrs. Crawford for this distinguished award.  (Pictured L-R Principal Tonya Breakeen & Mrs. Shelly Crawford)
Mrs. Mallory Clark is my favorite 8th grade teacher at Crossings Christian School. She is a very funny teacher who makes learning fun. She likes to show us songs, and is very kind and under standing if something happens and we can’t be in class. She also gives us our homework ahead of time so we can be sure we get it done. Mrs. Clark likes to do class discussions where we can talk about all types of stuff, like her former students, or her life before she moved to Oklahoma. 
Mrs. Michelle Schuster spends countless hours working on creative lesson plans for her students. She continually finds new ways to make learning exciting and keep her students engaged. She is also very active in school fundraisers and events during the evenings and weekends. Her passion for teaching started at a very young age and teaching is all she ever wanted to do growing up. (pictured l-r Principal Kevin McElroy & Mrs. Michelle Schuster)
Ms. Tess McAnally is a history, psychology and sociology teacher at Bethany High School. She has been an incredible teacher and cares so much about her students. Tess really pushes her students to be the best they can be and motivate them not only to be a better student, but a better person. She works countless hours because she wants to be the best she can possibly be, and wants to be prepared every day she steps in the classroom. You might think she takes the weekends off to relax, but instead she is planning lessons for the next week. Tess is truly an amazing teacher, and wants nothing but her students to be happy and successful. ~ Alexi Bollwerk (pictured l-r Principal Mark Melton & Ms. Tess McAnally) 
Andrea Selfridge is one of the most giving educators that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. If she’s not mentoring the other members of her team, she’s attending professional development to build upon her skills in the classroom, or she’s serving on one of many educational committees to help serve her Hilldale school community. Having been friends with Andrea for 20 years, I have seen the impact her “Selfridge babies” make on her every single year she has been teaching. Andrea not only celebrates her students’ Joy’s and success, she feels their struggles and heartaches too. Andrea teaches in a Title I school where poverty is a daily way of life for a lot of students, but in her classroom everyone is equal, every is safe, and everyone is loved. Ms. Selfridge illustrates the meaning of the word “selfless”, and everyone in her life benefits from her warmth and love. ~ Cheryl LeClair (pictured l-r Principal Shanda Brody & Mrs. Andrea Selfridge) 
Mrs. Cheryl Halaoui is a forth grade teacher at Wilson elementary. She has been teaching for more than 20 years . She is the best teacher I ever had .I bet I’ve learned more than I will ever known in my entire life. She makes learning fun and so much more . She always listens to a student’s ideas. She is very considerate and kind. When I’m at school it doesn’t feel like school at all. That is what I love about Mrs. Cheryl Halaoui! ~ Former student Lillie.  (pictured l-r Principal Margaret Saunders-Simpson, Mrs. Chreyl Halaoui & Lillie) 
Mrs. Gardner is an amazing teacher at Bethel High School. She cares so much about her students. During my freahman year in High school she helped me find my love for science. Im now a freshman in college and she gave me her number and let me call her when I need help. She goea above and beyond for all her students.   ~ Hailey Rooker  (pictured l-r Mrs. Gardner & Principal Jeremy Stewart)
My wife is a 4th year science teacher and is absolutely crazy about her kids! She is always working on weekends and nights to make sure the kids get the best experience possible. She gave up a ton of her summer to take about 113 hours of professional development to make sure she has the most up to date stuff for her kids. Once she meets a child that child is hers forever! She talks about her kids all the time and worries for them too! Please think about choosing my wife for your feature. I know she and her student would love it! (pictured l-r Principal Dr. Nona Burling & Mrs. Ronda Boston)

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