Teacher Of The Month

American Fidelity and Today’s Magic 104.1 want to recognize the many outstanding teachers throughout the metro that go above and beyond
to educate Oklahoma’s fine students.

We will be rewarding one teacher each month with a prize of $250!

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Our latest Teacher of the Month Winner!

Mrs. Tessa Tefertiller from Edmond North High School

“Mrs. Tefertiller has teaches pre-AP calculus and AP calculus math classes at Edmond North High School. Mrs. Tefertiller is an outstanding and caring teacher who is dedicated to her students.

As a parent, I have been able to directly observe this year during remote learning, the quality of instruction that Mrs. Tefertiller delivers. My son never has a question about what lesson they are covering or assignment due dates because she is exceptionally clear and her Canvas course is well-organized. My son is just one of many students that describe Mrs. Tefertiller as the best math they have ever had. For example, my son has said, “Mrs. Tefertiller answers all of my questions and she is patient, friendly, helpful, and funny. I am glad she is my math teacher, especially this year during COVID. She is willing to work with us and help us develop the skills we are learning”. These are important teaching qualities that illustrate why Mrs. Tefertiller is an ideal candidate for the Teacher Feature.” – Melissa Medina

Mrs. Taylor McKay from Cleveland Elementary School

“Mrs. McKay is a GIFT!  She came to Cleveland Elementary this year. In a year after students have been left behind and need drastic help not only to catch up but to then go the extra distance and be prepared for 3rd grade standardized testing. When we started visiting at the beginning of the year, she said she loved a good challenge and that she was excited to get her class caught up and ready for tests.  Not only has she got them caught up and ready for tests, but she has them excited for school and she takes time to get to know each child. Her enthusiasm shines through when we have had to punt to the virtual option. She is thoughtful and engaging and my daughter talks excitedly about what Mrs. McKay does in school almost everyday! She makes my daughter believe in herself and her abilities and has brought her from not liking math but to considering a career in engineering or building because she has been gifted with the power of an amazing teacher! I wish I could give her a million dollars or the winnings from a lottery. We hit the jackpot with Mrs. McKay and I just wish that every child could ever be so lucky as to have a teacher who forms relationships with them, gets to know the real person behind the tears or smiles, and champions their success and coaches their challenges.  Mrs. McKay is making a true difference in a year that is riddled with complexity! Her impact will be felt for years to come!” – Kathleen Kennedy

Melissa VanDeventer of Southeast High School

“Mrs. V is a geometry teacher at Southeast. She is an amazing woman. She truly cares for children and has a passion for teaching. She believes and teaches children on their level. She finds out of the box ideas for teaching. My daughter has been struggling a bit, without hesitation she suggested one on one tutoring. With Covid, things aren’t easy by any means, and Mrs. V has come out shining like a star. She believes that the children need a valuable education and a healthy mental health. She takes the mental health of her student’s very seriously. If she notices anything that seems different she’s the first one to ask about it. Her communication between the parents bridges the gaps between the student and parents. This can be challenging for a high school teacher, but she believes in all of her students. She is so very deserving of this award.” – Chantal Morris

Mrs. Jennifer Greene of Luther Elementary School.

“Jennifer is an amazing 5th grade teacher in Luther America, she buys so many supplies for her students and it would be so nice to see her get a little something back. She has a fb page just for her past students to keep in touch. It’s super sweet – She truly has an amazing heart. I don’t know why one teacher would be better or more deserving than another, but I sure hope you pick her : )” – Janette Powders

Mrs. Brittany Gober of Barnes Elementary (Mid-Del).

“Brittany teaches Pre-k which is not always as easy of a job as people think it is. Here in the great state of Oklahoma, PK isn’t mandated which means kids aren’t legally required to attend. That also means that during the exciting new A/B rotation we are doing with our students this year, Pre-K isn’t required to attend virtual days & therefor could possibly only be getting 2-3 days of instruction per week. Brittany has gone above & beyond to put together work for our students to have at home, even though she isn’t required to. She sends home work they can do at home, along with manipulatives for them to use & creates online work for them to practice with if they’d like as well. The amount of time & energy she puts into her lesson plans has more than doubled since we do the same job with A students & then again with B students a few days later. I have worked with many teachers in my years in Education, but none have been as passionate about teaching 4 year olds as Brittany Gober! Her heart legitimately shines through in all that she does.” – Lashaunda Warlick

Mrs. Keri Powell of Nicoma Park Middle School

“Every year, Mrs. Powell creates a “haunted forest” in the library for her middle school students. This year, because of covid, she, along with her daughter Bailey Stevens, created a haunted escape room! There are THREE escape room games for 6 teams, complete with QR codes for clues to keep it hands free. The theme is haunted fairy tales. No picture or description can truly do it justice. They have worked nonstop for three weeks, including until midnight last night to complete it. We would love to have you come out and take pictures and see if you can escape!!! Mrs. Powell goes above and beyond with each unit, but she has truly outdone herself this time..” – Lindsey Sanders

Mr. Ryan Bridenstine of Enid High School

“He is the reason I want to be a teacher. When I first started high school I couldn’t care less about math because I couldn’t understand it. By the end of my freshman year I was close to failing and had to go into his class and make up so many assignments. When I finally got caught up, with his help, I actually learned to love math and it became my favorite subject. He inspired me to further my education and become a math teacher just like him. He changed my outlook on not only my education but on everything. He saw a kid that needed some extra help and he went above and beyond to make sure I passed his class and have a good future.” – Ashli Davis

Ms. Carly Heitland of Harding Fine Arts Academy

“This is my first year at Harding and it’s been hard starting 100% online. Ms. Heitalnd has supported me and the rest of her students through this insane time. Ms. Heitland not only teaches us English but she teaches us about real life and how to use English in real life. She is an amazing human being. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Thank you so much Ms. Heitland!” – Avalon Howard

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