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Ms. Cindy Hughes, who has taught chemistry and science at Oklahoma City’s Western Heights High School for nearly a decade. Ms. Hughes is a dedicated and caring teacher who spends each day infusing her students with the love of science and who does her best to open their minds to the possibilities available beyond high school. She is “in the trenches” every day, and is someone that these often-troubled teenagers can turn to when they are struggling with the tough realities that most of them face at school and at home. All teachers deserve to be honored, but Ms. Cindy Hughes is especially deserving of this recognition. Thank you! (pictured l-r Ms. Cindy Hughes & Principal Paul McQueen)
Mrs. Laura Brothers goes above and beyond for the students at Northridge Elementary in many ways. Her influence in our building benefits students, parents, and her coworkers. This year, she started a cheerleading group in which she volunteered to serve without pay.  She took her own time to gather materials and set up practice times. The girls received team shirts and pom poms and the opportunity to cheer at basketball and soccer games.  Practices were after school hours and Mrs. Brothers held the girls accountable for good grades and behavior in class to participate.
Mrs. Laura Brothers also serves as the PTO President, 4th grade team leader, OTIS lead, ABL lab leader, and serves in numerous other capacities.  She has planned and coordinated conference night dinners.  She organized a Daddy Daughter Dance with a masquerade theme to encourage dads to be involved in their daughter’s lives.  She gathered all the decorations, refreshments and themed the party so that daughters had a blast.
Mrs. Laura Brothers has been a wonderful teammate who steps up when others are sick.  She doesn’t hesitate to plan lessons or copy plans at a moments notice.  She’s a great leader who plans positive circles to provide a platform to allow her teammates to encourage each other.
In addition, she takes on difficult students and doesn’t allow them to have excuses for their choices.  She holds them accountable and treats them as her own.  She brings fun in to the classroom with music and dancing to get her students active and ready to learn.
Mrs. Laura Brothers has stepped up to the plate many times expecting nothing in return.  She has been an amazing presence and role model for the students who need educated and hardworking African American role models.  I would LOVE to show appreciation to her in this way.    She would be a choice that you would not regret.  Thank you for your consideration of Mrs. Laura Brothers as your teacher feature. (pictured l-r Mrs. Laura Brothers & Principal Kim McLaughlin) 

Mr. Walker is an excellent teacher. He has really good relationships with his students. Mr. Walker teaches Math teacher at Crooked Oak High School. No matter how students learn, Mr. Walker makes sure THAT’S how they learn & most of the time maintain a B average. Students excel in his class. Since day one Mr. Walker makes it a point to stay in contact with the parents, we ALL think he is awesome. (pictured l-r Mr. Eric Walker & Principal Barbara Jaramillo)  

Mr. Gary Duncan of Hillcrest Elementary. He is an outstanding Teacher!!!! He takes time out of breaks and summer time, to meet present students, as well as past, at a local Library to read with them. He focuses on each child and their strengths. He is a total example of what a teacher is and should be. He is so committed that he also strives to be at school each day so he can be there for the children. He also tutors and helps those who need it after school hours to ensure they succeed. Please honor this man for his heart for children. (pictured l-r Mr. Gary Duncan & Principal Shell Deas) 

Mrs. Sykes is my online high school teacher. She has spent hours on Facetime helping me with math. She has also opened her home for any of her students to come for help anytime. She also comes to our homes if we’d rather her. She has 20+ kids. She is so dedicated and patient. She recently won an award for A-teacher. Meaning the majority of her students are successfully completing their assignments. It takes a lot of work for Mrs.Sykes to stay on top of students that are located all over the place. I love her. – Kailey Shonts

Mrs. Kennedy has been teaching at Country Estates for 9 years. The last 4 she has been teaching 1st grade math. She’s been teaching for over 13 years educating our young Americans to the best of her abilities. The reason I nominate her is she is my step mom and goes above & beyond to help students completely succeed in life from abc’s to being productive young men & women in this thing we call life. She’s a talented teacher in and out of the classroom. She motivated me to go to college when I didn’t think I could. Please consider her for the Teacher Feature weekly winner on magic 104.1! – Madison Kennedy

“Last year, I graduated from Blanchard High School. Although I had so many wonderful teachers over the years, none of them compare to my junior English teacher, Mrs. Rutledge. She filled all of her lessons with consideration and passion and worked hard to make sure that no student was left behind. So often–especially in Oklahoma–teachers are overlooked and underappreciated, but that never stopped Mrs. Rutledge from giving us her very best in the classroom. She taught us that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you go back and fix them and that quitting isn’t acceptable. She read “To Kill A Mockingbird” to us and gave each character their own voice. She then used this book to teach us forgiveness and acceptance. She not only taught us the required state curriculum,but she also taught us about life. I cannot think of any way to pay her back for the impact she made not only on me but also my graduating class. I will continue to nominate her week after week because their is no one who deserves this as much as she does. Kathryn Rutledge is not just a teacher of the week. She is the teacher of a lifetime.”  – Alicia Caldwell

Mrs. Cheryl Beaty teaches at Oakdale Public School. She is an amazing Pre-K teacher who loves each and every student as her own. She meets them where they are and helps shape them into an amazing student who loves to learn. Mrs. Cheryl Beaty is the best teacher around for sure!!!!!!! (pictured l-r Mrs. Cheryl Beaty & Magic Man Jeff Roberts)

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